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Rosie and Radish is a charming children's lifestyle brand dreamt up by Illustrator Helen Turner and Graphic Designer Amy Clarke. Helen and Amy met in 1999 whilst studying Art at Newcastle College and have been great friends ever since. They went on to study at The Nottingham Trent University and both graduated in 2003 with a degree in Graphic Design. After university Helen found her fame illustrating a number of books for Bloomsbury, Scholastic and Egmont whilst Amy worked as a graphic designer in London.

In June 2013, after 10 years living at opposite ends of the country, they both found themselves back in the North East and longing for a new creative venture. After weeks of tea drinking, brainstorming and doodling, two little characters emerged from their sketchbooks and turned their lives upside down.

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Rosie, their pink cheeked little herione, and her naughty pet mouse Radish have finally found their way onto a range of beautifully designed greeting cards and prints, and that is only the beginning. With lots of delightful new gifts and products in the pipeline the future sure is looking Rosie!


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